I'm Vi, an early 90s Viet baby and a bit of cosmetic obsessive. My blog is where I share all things beauty and makeup with a tiny bit of homeware thrown in for a good measure. 
My philosophy of skin care is quite simple: Never put toxic to your skin. After a major break out in my late teenage years, I have been suffering from post acne sensitive skin for almost 4 years. I understand how much damage harmful chemicals can cause to the skin. So here, in this blog, you will never be recommended to any nasty skin care items containing paraben, silicone, sulphate, lead, etc. In stead, what you gonna see here is all about nature, organic and dermatological beauty, everything that is safe for the skin. 
I think the closer the products are to your skin, the more you should invest in them. This means skin care always comes before makeup and skin base will goes before let's say blusher or brows. Although for makeup, it's hard to afford all the good ingredient products as most of them are high end, I'll try my best to keep all the unpleasant chemicals away from the base and lips.


  1. Hi Vi,

    You sound like a nice girl and I do have to agree with you here when it comes to skincare. Most definitely more important than makeup *_^ Go green, organic is most definitely the best options (unless you can't, for whatever reasons).

    I do also try to be more conscious these days when it comes to ingredients, try and stay away from those you have mentioned here, including SLS, propylene glycol, etc. as much as I could. Luckily, I don't have an ultra sensitive skin issue to begin with. But as age is catching up, I do try to be extra careful not to use too much of everything from the skincare department.

    Nice little blog and great to have stumbled over here.

    Jeann, KL Malaysia

    1. Hi Jeann,

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am so sorry that I didn't get back to you earlier. For some reasons I didn't get the notification of your comment. I agree that go organic is a very big trend nowadays. But even with organic and natural ingredients you can still got irritations and not all chemicals are bad for skin. I tried my best to have the best of both world and use what safe and suit the skin most.
      I have checked out your blog. Very nice pictures and layout you have there. Just followed you on Instagram because I am in love with your photos.